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About Karen Varese Diedrich
Karen Varese Diedrich

Karen Varese Diedrich brings her own eclectic array of experience to Kéan Coffee™. Karen began working in local restaurants at age fourteen, and in 1994 when Martin and Karen met, she was coordinating multiple projects for Fahrenheit 451 bookstore/coffeehouse in Laguna Beach, including entertainment, book signing and events coordination, writing the monthly newsletter, and public relations for the coffeehouse. Karen has a degree in design, and worked in the garment industry as a designer for four years before going on to complete her Master’s degree in psychology. Karen is also a professional Middle Eastern dance performer and instructor, and has been in the entertainment business for over ten years. As a full-blooded Italian, Karen brings her own passion for coffee to Kéan Coffee™, and is happy to be back in her element as a coffeehouse operator.

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