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Fresh Roasted Beans
Below is our current selection of seasonally available coffees. Check back often for updates as new coffees are added regularly.
Regular Coffees
Small holder farmers in the Rwaikamba Cooperative, Muranga district tend their coffee plants, and bring their crop to the Kagumo Factory for processing. We are proud to offer this classically big, bold Kenya.

Jasmine, coconut and vanilla aromas float above the thick, full body and sparkling lime acidity, supporting flavors of dark chocolate, blackberry jam, malt, and molasses. The finish is long and juicy with faint orange and ginger notes.

Medium to Full Roast
From the Lintong region above Lake Toba, in the Tano Batak Highlands, small holder farmers take great care to harvest and prepare this clean, bright, full-bodied example of high quality Sumatra coffee.

The aromatics of tarragon, jasmine, and sweet tobacco open into a full, creamy body and a soft watermelon acidity. Lush notes of butterscotch, molasses, hazelnut, and allspice linger into the long, buttery finish.

Full Roast
Co-op Tarrazu has been producing excellent quality coffee for over 53 years. Several small holder farmers in the Santos area contribute to this coffee, which is processed at the cooperative's mill.

Cocoa, tamarind, and gardenia aromas give way to a smooth, elegant body with buttery milk chocolate and pecan flavors. Apple and orange notes color the balanced, juicy acidity. The finish is long and sweet with great caramel and allspice aspects.

Light to Medium Roast
Five years ago there were no all-season roads in this remote location. The walk to the washing station left much of the coffee fruit bruised and fermented. In 2015, the Biftu cooperative built their own wet mill and are now producing excellent coffee.

Aromas of jasmine, melon, and sandalwood usher in flavors of ripe plum, dark chocolate, and black currants. A gentle black grape acidity melts into the silky, syrupy body leaving a long, creamy finish with a hint of hazelnut.

Medium Roast
Martin's long term relationship with the Vides family in Huehuetenango (“place of fire”, referring to the volcano) gives us first choice of the best of each year's crop. We are particularly proud of this exceptional lot.

The opening aromas of rose, cocoa, and allspice pave the way to juicy, jammy flavors of apricot, red apple, milk chocolate, and caramel; complemented by a lush, syrupy body and soft, pear-like acidity. The finish lingers with sweet notes of nutmeg and cherry compote.

Medium Roast
From the highlands of the Hegere Miriam Sidama region comes a dramatic example of a complex, aromatic natural process coffee.

This coffee is unusually sweet with powerful passion fruit and blueberry aromatics, a soft, syrupy body, and dark chocolate, almond butter flavor notes. Its well-balanced apple and citrus acidity finishes clean with cane sugar and tropical punch notes.

Medium Roast
This fine example from the newly emerging specialty origin of Congo comes from the SOPACDI Cooperative on the shores of Lake Kivu, bordering Rwanda. We've been able to secure this coffee for the last few years, and their production has been consistently excellent.

A medium-bodied coffee, smooth and syrupy, with cashew, cocoa butter, and green fig flavor notes. Gentle aromas of sweet red pepper and sandalwood are present, and the long finish has a hint of clove and anise.

Medium Roast
Small holder farmers on the slopes of the Volcano Agua produce this classic Antigua coffee that exemplifies the best qualities of the region.

Essence of gardenia and lemon oil waft above semi-sweet chocolate, hazelnut, date, and malt flavors. The restrained green apple acidity is the perfect complement to the syrupy, smooth body and long finish with hints of anise and a softly smokey black pepper aroma.

Medium Roast
In the northern highlands of Gekenke Province Three African Sisters, a mostly female cooperative, works diligently to produce high quality coffee. About 300 small farmers carefully harvest and bring the ripe cherry to the washing station for processing.

Plum, semi-sweet chocolate, almond butter, and hazelnut flavors are supported by a syrupy, full body while aromas of vanilla, lavender, and Dutch cocoa waft above. A long, smooth, and sweet finish holds sandalwood aromatics.

Medium Roast
Named in memory of Martin's father Carl and the dark roast blend he was known for. This is his original recipe which he called Wiener Melange.

Toasty, pungent aromas and a deep full body open into nutty, smoky, heavy cane molasses flavors with a heavy finish and gentle tobacco and fresh leather aromatics.

Dark Espresso Roast
Named for Aristotle’s ancient Greek philosophy of perfect balance, this blend of up to six origins and four different roasts is designed for the espresso purist but holds its own with milk and sugar or drip brewed.

Thick syrupy body carries the snappy acidity and intense marzipan, dried fruit, honeyed caramel and bittersweet chocolate flavors. The finish is complex and lingering with sweet floral notes. Rated 94 by Ken Davids of Coffee Review.

Light Espresso Roast
Milk chocolate and sweet cherry flavors predominate in this Central America/ Africa blend. A snappy green apple note and soft, lingering marzipan finish complement the smooth, syrupy body of this refreshing and satisfying cold brew coffee.

Medium Roast
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffees
A decaf blend designed for the espresso purist. However, it holds it's own with milk & sugar or drip brew. Our Decaf Espresso features a thick, syrupy, rich body with a sweet, snappy acidity and aromas ranging from floral, to hot buttered toast, to almonds.

Taste notes of marzipan, dried fruit and honeyed caramel, with a complex, well structured and serenely balanced finish.

Light Espresso Roast
Cafe Altura San Ramon is a cooperative of small farmers along the slopes of Volcano Poas. A mild climate and daily shift between Pacific and Caribbean air flows allow the coffee to ripen evenly and slowly, creating a sweet and aromatic cup.

Buttery soft body and brown sugar sweetness with semi-sweet chocolate and tangerine notes wafting in. Essence of honeysuckle and lilac complement the Meyer lemon acidity, finishing clean and smooth with a hint of ginger.

Light to Medium Roast
From the highlands of the Hegere Miriam Sidama region comes a dramatic example of a complex, aromatic natural process coffee, a rare find in a decaf selection.

Unusually sweet with luscious passion fruit and berry aromatics, a soft, syrupy body, and dark chocolate,almond butter flavors. Its well-balanced apple and citrus acidity finishes clean with cane sugar and tropical punch notes.

Medium Roast
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