Black Dragon Oolong


This Black Dragon tea comes from the famous oolong producing area of Anxi in Fujian, China. Anxi oolongs are also sometimes referred to as “Se Zhong,” meaning a blend of several oolongs. The processing of this tea is quite similar to that of the popular Tieguanyin oolong style.

Oolong teas range in their flavor and color from light green to dark. Usually, color indicates the level of oxidization in the tea leaves, and tea merchants sometimes refer to percentages of oxidation to indicate where on the spectrum their oolong falls. Low (5% to 25%) oxidized teas are greener. Black Dragon is a somewhat darker, 40% oxidized oolong. The leaves are tightly rolled into small pellets. When infused, the leaves unfold into their original state and provide many infusions.



Ingredients: Oolong Tea Leaves.

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