Honduras Intibuca Los Cedros *Rare/Limited*


This exceptional rare/limited microlot coffee grown by farmer Jose Benigno Dominguez is one of the most dramatic Honduras coffees we’ve tasted in years. It has all the milk chocolate, butterscotch, and brown sugar notes we’d expect from a high quality Honduras, with a bonus explosion of blackberry jam, golden raisin, orange, and plum notes. The body is creamy and pleasant, and the finish is   cashew and lemon drop sweet.

Medium Roast | 12 oz

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From the farmer, Jose Benigno Dominguez: “In 2000, I bought a small 2.5 acre parcel of land in the mountains nearby where I am from. It is particularly well suited to gowning excellent coffee which was what I had in mind. For years I picked up as much extra work as I could to pay for and support my dream coffee farm.I hire about 15 people for the harvest. We take extra effort to pick only the very ripest coffee cherries ( the fruit which contains the beans ) which gives the best flavor and sweetness. After washing the coffee cherries, separating the less than perfect ones, we do a carefully controlled ferment for about 28 hours. Then after further washing and sorting for quality, we dry the beans in a solar dryer dome on raised drying beds for 20-35 days. This allows us to perfectly control the drying for quality. My goal with all this meticulous care is to make sure the quality of my coffee is always the very best. That way it stands out above the rest and I can get recognition and a good price so I can provide a better future for my family.”

When this coffee was recently offered to us we were simply amazed with its great taste. Coffee of this high caliber is rare from Honduras because conditions are just too difficult. Our appreciation and respect for this fine coffee increased many fold when we got to know the story of the farmer Jose Benigno Dominguez. His near heroic effort, passion, and hard work have made it possible for us to experience such joy in a cup of coffee. We are very pleased to be able to share this coffee experience with you. Our hats off to Jose Benigno Dominguez as we salute him with a cup of his amazing coffee.

Country: Honduras

Area: Campanario, Intibuca

Farm: Los Cedros

Varietal: IH-90 and Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Owner: Jose Benigno Dominguez

Founding year: 2000

Medium Roast | 12 oz

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