This Latté Art by our own Kéan Coffee™ baristas is the finishing touch, the signature of our craft at Kéan Coffee™. It is difficult to achieve. It requires many elements, among them considerable skill and experience, and of course, great coffee.

At the base of this creation is the espresso, properly and freshly roasted. Precisely extracted with portion control, pressure, timing, and craftsmanship, the result is an intensely rich essence with a thick, sweet, ultra fine foam called "crema".

The milk, necessarily of the highest quality, is not simply steamed or frothed. Instead, it is skillfully textured into a velvety, satiny microfoam that accentuates the milk's natural sweetness.

This creamy milk is then artfully poured into the espresso crema with practiced and very controlled motions that create this amazing Latté Art.

Looks, however, are incidental to taste. Like performance art, Latté Art must be consumed to enjoy the full, beautifully flavorful experience.

A hand holding up a cup of coffee