At Kéan Coffee we elevate coffee to its highest potential. A great coffee starts with the highest quality unroasted (green) Arabica beans. Every week Martin and our small team of roasters roast and cup numerous samples of single origin green coffee beans from the premium coffee growing regions around the world before settling on the handful that we deem worthy of roasting. Then we roast them to perfection, bringing out the best qualities of each coffee so that the complex flavors and subtle notes of each coffee can be enjoyed to their fullest.

We only select current crop, in season coffees, when they are the best they can be. Most of our single origin coffees come from small farms with small harvests. Therefore, our coffee offerings change frequently and many of our coffees are not available year-round. Some very rare, seasonal micro lot coffee offerings are available at Kéan Coffee only for a very short time.

We roast all our coffees in-house at each coffeehouse location, enabling you to experience fine roasted coffee at its peak of freshness, when coffee should be enjoyed - a luxury that is impossible for large coffee chains to achieve. When you savor a cup of Kéan Coffee, you are experiencing coffee that has been expertly roasted within a few days or even hours of the time it reaches your cup, not months, like large coffee chains. Once you experience it, the taste superiority of top quality, locally craft roasted coffee is undeniable.

Due to the seasonal nature of our coffees, we encourage you to check back often to see our current coffee selection. If you don't live nearby, you can have our coffees shipped to you anywhere in the U.S. and some international destinations. The coffees you receive by mail will be roasted within days of arriving at your door.